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amazon com a madness so discreet 9780062320872 mindy - mindy mcginnis is the author of not a drop to drink and its companion in a handful of dust as well as this darkness mine the female of the species given to the sea heroine and the edgar award winning novel a madness so discreet a graduate of otterbein university with a ba in english literature and religion mindy lives in ohio you can visit her online at www mindymcginnis com, the shopper s apprentice - new jones bacon and sausage coupons have popped up you can find these products at walmart jewel or woodman s the printables are valid through february 1 2019 so plenty of time to shop and save, the center cannot hold my journey through madness - a much praised memoir of living and surviving mental illness as well as a stereotype shattering look at a tenacious woman whose brain is her best friend and her worst enemy time elyn r saks is an esteemed professor lawyer and psychiatrist and is the orrin b evans professor of law psychology psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the university of southern california law school, femmefever events schedule page the leading transgendered - 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